New To Yoga?

Ate you New to Yoga?

Here is a quick overview

Yoga is present for more that 3,000 years and originated from the land of India. The
word yoga comes from the Sanskrit word ìyujî which means to bind, join attach and
yoke. This also means “union, to direct and concentrate one’s attention on, to use
and apply.”

In other words, yoga is about concentrating on your mind and body to bind you to a higher being

It’s about disciplining yourself to balance your mind, soul, and emotions, so that you
can connect with your individual spirit or your “jivatma”, which is in turn part of the
Supreme Universal Spirit or the “Paramatma,” a.k.a. God or a Higher Being.

It’s about focusing your energy into constructive channels. And the name of an
individual who follows the teachings of yoga is known as a “yogi.”

In this article Yoga, learn the basics you will be exposed to the basic forms of yoga.
There are actually lots of different types of yoga; it is not strictly a term for the
stretchy exercise we will be discussing. The term “yoga” can refer to any of these things:

Karma yoga — focuses on giving of oneself without expecting any reward

Jnana yoga — a philosophical approach to unveiling the illusions of the world

Bhakti yoga — channeling emotional energy into one’s spiritual practice

Rhaja yoga — focuses on concentration and mind control

As there are many styles of dance, so are there many forms of yoga that you should
learn. In fact, a new one might be developing right now, as a teacher puts his or her
own stamp on a specific technique.

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